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    Last place on Earth

    Last place on Earth


    • Periodo Ottimale: 10 - 17 Aprile 2020
    • Giorni: 8
    • Zona di interesse: Foreste pluviali dell'Africa Centrale
    • Costo: € 3295,00
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    Wildlife and ethnographic trip to one of the last unspoilt and pristine place on earth, into the very deep pluvial forests of Central Africa, among western lowland gorilla, forest elephants and red forest buffalo. The hunt with Ba-aka Pygmies. A terrific green abyss, the last African frontier.

    • The highest density of forest elephants and western lowland gorilla on earth
    • The last pristine primeval pluvial forest, an almost unexplored green abyss scattered with the famous “bai”, where wildlife puts on a show
    • 350 species of birds (minimum estimate), some of them endemic or recently here discovered. Some bizarre like the Picathartes, others rare and spectacular
    • Pangolins, anomalures, genets, Congo clawless otters, mongooses
    • The Giant Forest Hog, the Red River Hog, the Sitatunga, the Bongo, the Red Forest Buffalo and several duikers
    • Night walks guided by Ba-aka Pygmies, approaching western lowland gorilla up close
    • Other primates: Crowned guenon and De Brazza’s monkey, mangabeys, colobus monkeys and strepsirrhine primates

    ClimateBiogeographic ProvinceBiodiversity and Cultural Heritage

    Tropical, with hot, dry summers and wet winters. Average rainfall is about 1550 mm/year, temperature ranges from 24 to 29°C. Dzanga Sangha features a long rainy season (October-November) and a short rainy season (May-June).

    The itinerary stretches into the very deep heart of central african rainforests, in the area today protected by a Tri-National conservation zone named DSPAC (Dzanga-Sangha Protected areas complex, Word Heritage Site by Unesco) made famous in the last years by the spectacular Megatransect expedtion by J.M.Fay and M.Nichols. The area lies at the intersection between Cameroon, Central African Republic and Congo, in the Congo river basin, and ranks second largest primeval rainforest wordwide (more than 2 million sq km). Vegetation is mainly made up of semi deciduous, evergreen forests, subjected to cyclic flooding from Sangha river, but also contains the mono-dominant forests of Gilbetiodendron dewevrei species and patches of savannah with high wildlife density (Bai).

    Biodiversity: The great variety of ecosystems of the region and its isolation mirror the astonishing magnitude of the biodiversity harboured here. Of particular interest is the magafuna: Western Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla), Forest Elephant (Loxodonta cyclotis), Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes troglodytes ), Bongo (Boocerus eurycerus) and Red Forest Buffalo (Syncerus cafer nanus) are some of the highlights. Dzanga-Sangha Forest Riserve has the highest Western Lowland Gorilla and Forest Elephant density worldwide (more than 2000 individuals for the former). Among primates, Crowned guenon and De Brazza’s monkey, mangabeys, colobus monkeys and strepsirrhine primates are worth to mention. The bird check list is incredible, with more than 350 species featuring endemisms and news species recently discovered, others bizarre and spectacular. Many forest artiodactyls (Cephalophus spp) and genets (Genetta spp.), in addition to tree mongoose species, two otters and three pangolins. With no doubts one of the last remaining outpost for biodiversity on earth.

    Cultural Heritage: This region is famous for its Ba-aka pygmies, whose overall population is split in different tribal groups in the narrow rainforest strip between 4°N and 4°S of the equator, from the western side of Lake Victoria to the Atlantic Ocean. They represent the largest hunter/gatherer group on earth: known far in the past even from Egyptians, they always fascinated explorers and merchants. Participating to their traditional hunt in the forests as well as taking part to all the activities in their villages is undoubtedly a strong and compelling experience.

    This itinerary represents a deep immersion in the real heart of Africa, one of the richest, untouched and most diverse place on earth. Accomodations will be comfortable (hotel or lodge at Dzanga-Sangha). Both the naturalistic and ethnographic side of this itinerary are astonishing, making Dzanga-Sangha a top destination for wildlife lovers. Yet, due to the difficult logistics and remoteness of the area some discomforts have to be taken into account.

    Detailed Itinerary

    • Day 1: International flight to Bangui. Upon arrival at Bangui meet with our representative and transfer with private flight to Bayanga. Land transfer to Dzanga Sangha National Park, a true cradle for biodiversity.. River safari at dawn along the Dzanga river. Overnight stay at lodge deep in the forest.
    • Days 2-7: Full day safari within Dzanga-Sangha National Park. Visit to the famed forest openings (“bai”) where a plethora of large species go feeding. Western Lowland Gorilla, Forest Elephant, Bongo, Red Forest Buffalo, etc. Night walks with Ba-aka pygmies, entering in close contact with gorillas. Full board accommodation at lodge.
    • Day 8: Last morning inside the park, trasfer to Bayanga and private charter flight to Bangui. if necessary overnight stay at hotel (depending on flight time schedule).
    • Flight back to Italy.

    The trip will be led and accompanied by one Biosfera Itinerari expert biologist guide who will be responsible of logistics, activities and tour guidance.

    The price includes:
    • Private charter flight and 4 wheel-drive vehicle for reaching and moving at Dzanga-Sangha
    • All the activities at Dzanga-Sangha (1 gorilla tracking, 1 Mangabey tracking, 2 visits to Dzanga bai, 1 day’s net hunting and pygmy activities, excursion to the salt pan on foot, 1 Boat trip to the waterfall /Picathartes site, 2 night walks, etc.)
    • Local guides and guidance from a Biosfera Itinerari Biologist
    • A comprehensive travel insurance package
    • All taxes imposed by government authorities and Park entry fees
    • Full board accomodation
    Not included:
    • International flight and airport taxes
    • International Visa
    • Cost of  Procedure Management (30 euro)
    • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
    • Cancelling insurance (facultative)
    • Eventual staying in Bangui
    • Voluntary activities and service tips, and in general everything not mentioned in section “The price includes”
    € 32950,00 based for 7 pax. The travel package price can vary in case of change of the currency exchange rate. Approximately € 900 for international flight and domestic land transfers to be added.
    • A comprehensive travel insurance package is required (€ 45 lasting up to 16 days, coverage for eligible medical expenses up to € 30.000, baggage up to € 1000).
    • Coverage for cancellation charges or non-refundable amounts and expenses that result from a trip cancellation is facultative, and, if request, must be purchased in conjunction with the flights. It costs the 2,9% of the overall price with medical justifications needed.

    Disclaimer 1: Please note this is an indicative and standard itinerary. Dates, activities and the succession and length of each part of the itinerary may change each year, and can be rearranged with the participants. Upon request by the participants, we will send the definitive and detailed programme to be evaluated at least some weeks prior to the confirmation deadline.

    Disclaimer 2: We will generally honor the posted prices, but these are subject to change at any time due to action or decisions made by local authorities. In such situations, and in the hope that will not happen, we will send all the ministries official communications to all participants, free from ambiguity and in total transparency. We reserve the right to correct the final price to the fullest extent permitted by law.

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